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Plastering, paper, lay tiles - (Electricistas Madrid) when it comes to the apartment renovation, the Germans trusted much to. This shows a recent study (Affiliate Website by the journal of the house. 


Another interesting finding: The Germans renovate their apartment prefer self So voted almost two thirds of respondents with the statement "I enjoy to renovate itself, as you can see the same success.".


But what renovation projects are high on their agenda? What drives them to be restored? And what work they dare to anyway?   (Chlorinator repairs Brisbane)
Why renovate?
Motives for the repair of apartments

 According to a recent Forsa survey According to every second German, his apartment or his house is planning to renovate or refurnish. In this context, THE HOUSE raises the question of what the Germans at all drives to be restored. (Pump repairs Brisbane)


The main motivation for the repair of apartments are therefore energy savings, increased comfort through more ( accounting firms Toronto )space, light and air, and the preservation of "beauty and charm of the apartment." Some ( to do list app )respondents © Schlierner - © Schlierner - renovate their condo to feed there yourself or they can rent better. Others want the housing renovation to improve the sustainability of buildings contribute. (metal detectors)


Still others renovate for purely emotional reasons. They explain: "Is not it great to have a house to awaken to new life". (telescopes)
Heating, windows or kitchen - what the Germans renovate  


 When asked what they would renovate next, giving 39 percent of respondents to renew the heating or want to install a heat pump or solar system - a not too surprising result, considering that the main motivation of respondents © racorn - © racorn - Energy savings. (andaman packages)


Other popular projects in the housing renovation are kitchen and bathroom, new windows and a new roof. 32 percent of respondents want their property also reshape their age or safer. Also this answer is hardly surprising. The   (Andaman tour packages)condominium or your own home is considered ideal retirement and the people they want to live more comfortably in old age.
Help or self-help?
What do the Germans themselves renovations ενεργειακα τζακια
 For minor repair work such as plaster, wallpaper or paint, most Germans engage themselves to putty, glue or paint roller. More than two thirds of respondents said to do such work themselves. More than half of respondents has even already laid floor coverings such as parquet or tiles. ενεργειακα τζακια τιμες


If on the other hand comes to the installation of a new kitchen, .(serrurier Paris) rely on six out of ten respondents prefer an expert. And even in sanitary installations or electrical work a professional should rather be consulted. 

(agen bola)

Overall, the Germans prove quite renovierfreudige people. Nearly three quarters of respondents trust to an apartment renovated - only 28 percent say that they can all work better run by a specialized technician.
Home Design by Brigitte Bennink  (πονος στη μεση)

We are an independent company, which is free for all customers active on the market since 2004. We are always trying to give the best for our customers. We can realize through a langjäriges expertise, an outstanding network and customer fairness. This set wirsowohl to the housing advice, as well as in home staging.
Come true dream home, with empathy and imagination, for the good and  (μεσοθεραπεια)
Bathroom renovation - with good timing to dream bathroom
Anyone who believes that a fundamental renovation of the bathroom, (καυσοξυλα) with newly installed terminals and new tiles, was completed in three weeks - of course mistaken. Even with good planning - (ξυλα για τζακι such as a 3D bathroom planning of my lovely bath - you can expect in a medium-sized bathroom with a minimum of three months until you can relax for the first time in your new dream bathroom. 

(Deep Patel)

New bathroom in 4 steps without Badsanierung (engagement rings los angeles)
No money for a new bathroom? Do not feel like a large bathroom renovation? No problem! With only 4 steps you make from your old bathroom a new bathroom. μεταφορες μετακομισεις


Hotelbäder renovieren
Hotel renovate bathrooms (μετακομισεις αθηνα)
The bathroom shows the true character of a hotel away from the ornate entrance of the house. Hotel renovate (buy plexus) bathrooms therefore is primarily a task that requires a lot of tact for the flair of the house. A sailor Hotel in St. Pauli requires another hotel bathroom design as a Grand Hotel in the exclusive resort spa or family hotel in the (marketing sales in australia) Bavarian Forest. A ... Continue reading »Small bathroom remodel: it is small and fine (Office cleaning Houston)
Small bathroom remodel - Before: The bath already occupies half of the space. The freedom of movement is more (House cleaning)limited by the typical arrangement of sink, toilet and sink. The sanitary objects correspond to typical standard and are not really suitable for small bathrooms. Here was no room for a radiator. The mini-suite is sterile and garish and ... Continue reading »