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Peter is a depressed man of 22 who has attempted suicide by overdose. It was sent to me after being evaluated by a psychiatrist. We met for 90 minutes. He spoke of his family, his education, his dyslexia, (medyum) told how he had felt marginalized despite his high intelligence. He was lost and unable to participate in life and his contemporaries saw with desolation go to college and start a career. He, instead, sat watching TV all night and slept all day. It was a recurring nightmare: he fell from a high building to stop only a few centimeters above the ground between two parked cars. He spoke critically of his three sisters, two of them describe as wild, privileged and impossible, and mentioned with fear mingled with admiration his male ancestors were officers in the army. He wanted to be like them. I asked him if he thought (medyum) that there was someone to help him in his troubles, he spoke fondly of his father. He repeated "My God," referring to him before falling into silence. He told me that his father had worked abroad and was rarely home. He described his mother as absorbed in a rigid world, narcissistic reach contact her was impossible. I noticed how, in the transfer, he responded to any intervention on my part with repressed anger, as if he me was not possible to understand.


In the interview, he spoke of a number of things: his oedipal problems, bad harmony between him and his mother, the rivalry with his brothers and sisters, and idealization of his father, but necessary absent. I asked if we could meet again in the second interview and he was silent. (medyumlar)When I spoke, he dismissed me with rage. I took this as a negative therapeutic reaction to the fact that he had confided in me, and told him. Finally, he told me he was sick of life, he felt a failure and hated everyone. He held his head in his hands and groaned. He said that a voice kept repeating that he was useless and should die. He had always felt misunderstood and resented, was ashamed of himself and saw no way out. I commented that I thought things had started to go wrong early and that his problems were not simple. We discussed his fear and anger and the fact that he thought his mother would collapse if he faced. Talk to his father was easier, but he was rarely there. He felt angry against me, but was tormented by the fear that I reject. He had felt excluded in his childhood because of the attention paid to his siblings and his father's absence: he had been unable to face the school or life stages. We decided to find a psychotherapist with psychoanalytic experience that would see him three times a week and Peter, now, following his treatment. I will return.(bütün medyumlar)


David, 25, seminarian, was overthrown two years before the interview by schizophrenia. He had been treated with ECT and a maintenance dose of antipsychotic medication that his mother was watching. A few months after his release from hospital, the latter was absent for a fortnight and David omitted to take medication. He relapsed into an acute catatonic state and was admitted to the local emergency hospital. It showed no emotion except a smile inappropriate and showed a lot of characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia, including hallucinations voice.


David was the second of ten children of a Roman Catholic liberal family. He had a warm and close relationship with his mother and brother a year younger.Although never close to his father, quite authoritarian, their relationship was normal. Shortly before the end of his priestly formation, his father was killed in an attack by gunmen in a supermarket where he worked as a security guard.Thereafter, David became obsessed with a visit of the Pope in the UK. He began to spend hours in a posture of penitence before a religious image. Shortly before the interview, and after the Pope's visit, he revealed a secret guilty to his psychiatrist: he believed that during this visit he had stolen the crucifix for the pope neck. This flight had given him special access to the Virgin Mary.(ask buyusu)


























This guide will accompany you in your choice of shipping mode, sending your order and give you useful tips for deliveries. It is dedicated to the sellers in France but most tips are useful to all. If you have not found the answer to your questions and you need help, teams of French sellers can definitely help you and answer your questions.

Whatever you do, deliver internationally! This is one of the best ways to gain visibility and make more sales, given that many Etsy transactions take place between buyers and sellers from different countries. (μεταφορες μετακομισεις)
We know it can be intimidating if you have not taken the plunge, but you will be surprised that it's not as complicated as that. And you will see that if delivery abroad is part of our 4 key points to succeed, there is a good reason is that it works! (μετακομισεις αθηνα)

Choose shipping method

Step 1. Choose shipping service (μετακομισεις αθηνα)

Post:  French Most vendors use the services of La Poste for delivery in France or abroad. Here are the offers that Etsy sellers use the most:

For shipments in France

. Offrexx. Prices.Becausexx.NOTES
. Letter0.66 / € 7.30 depending on weight1 to 4 daysThis offer is the basic offer of the Post Office for mail (documents only). 
You can choose from 3 offers: priority letter and green écopli which differ in their transmission time. 
Only constraints: Your fold is limited to 3 cm thick and 3 kg
. Followed Letter€ 1.08 to € 7.50 depending on weight
The Letter followed has monitored online and will contain objects (up to 3 centimeters thick and 3kg).
Registered letter€ 3.67 to € 11.91 depending on weight
The registered letter allows you to be notified of the distribution and to retain a legal proof of distribution. 
The double edge of this offer is that your buyer will have to go get him in his post office in case of absence
.Colissimo€ 5.50 / € 24.50 depending on weight2 to 3 days. This service allows to send packages of more than 3cm thick. You can add a recommendation option: fixed Compensation for loss or damage up to € 800 (from € 2.50 to € 7)

 (price in January 2015, metropolitan France)


For international shipments

International priority Letter0.95 / € 27.75 depending on weight and destinationvaries between countriesAs its national equivalent, this offer allows to send mail (documents only) of less than 3 kg weight, and a thickness less than 3cm
paquet prio international€ 1.90 / € 17.90 depending on weight and destinationvaries between countriesThe International Small Package is an online service available to holders of a Pro card "My stamp online". 
This service allows you to send small items within the limit of 2 kg without thickness limit. Ideal for sending small items or little heavy objects. 
You can also add a tracking option. 
All information on Prio International Package here

Colissimo international12.15 / € 160 depending on weight and destinationvaries between countriesBook this service for items more than 2 kg up to 30kg (for Europe) / 20kg (for the world). 
They also include insurance and tracking to destination for some countries, up to leave the country for others (think inquire).


Other Services (Chronopost, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.): These services are mostly used for express shipments. More expensive, prices are more dependent on the weight and the speed of shipment. Some reductions deals are sometimes available on our  offers forsalespeople, remember to check.

To learn more about the different expeditions services in France, you can consult our article "Choosing the shipping method"  for details on the various expeditions services in France.

Step 2. Calculate prices and delivery times:  Go to the website of your service and look shipping rates and delivery service you have chosen.

If the rates depend on the weight, enter the different weight of your articles to get good prices for everyone. If the service depends on the size, remember to check that you have a package for your article that matches the defined criteria.

For international shipments, note the price for the following countries: France, USA, Canada, other countries in Europe (considered separately or as a group), Australia, New Zealand (the latter two being particularly expensive, consider treating separately), others (testing a variety of countries not to undervalue your price).


  • The tariffs of La Poste are available for download on the website.  You can study the rates from home, which is handy! But be careful, they change regularly.
  • You can enjoy 5% discount in  freeing your package online.
  • You can also print your stamps online La Poste, convenient to save time. This is also where you will have access to Prio International Package
  • Also on the Post's website, a  calculator  calculates the transit time of international Intl.
  • Finally, know that the Post Office has set up a customer service by phone (in 3631) or via Twitter.

Step 3. Configure your sending profiles: Configure your Etsy shipping profiles for individual countries and according to your items based on what you calculated in step 2. Remember to give a name to your profile. Choose it in order to remember what it is - weight, size or type of article to which it applies.

Prepare the command

1. Clearly indicate the address:  To write international addresses, you can (for example, if you are wondering if the postal code must be before or after the name of the city?) Visit the Universal Postal Union website . 
Furthermore, you can buy and print labels if you prefer or if you have a lot of orders. UPS or Fedex even offers online services to create labels directly from their website.

2. Fill in the right forms for Customs: In the 27 member countries of the European Union, it is very simple: thanks to the free movement of goods, no customs document is to attach to your mail. For your shipments outside the EU, customs procedures depend on the value of your shipment in the destination country and sometimes the nature of your shipment. See this article for doing things in the rules of art and print the correct forms.

3. Send!

4. Mark your order as 'Sent': Important Great for remembering what is done. If your client used a credit card, this will trigger the payment.

5. Enter the tracking number: If you have a tracking number, specify your customer after scoring your article as "sent". How to mark your order as "sent" and indicate the tracking number?

Other services and options

Express delivery

Feel free to add an option to offer quick delivery to users who would like. Invite your product buyers who would like to add an express delivery to contact you directly. You can then create a sheet with the appropriate postage, reserved for that buyer.

Tracking and proof of deposit

Not only monitoring is reassuring for your customers (especially for items of value), but in addition there will be a proof that you have sent the parcel in case of dispute. Indeed, if the buyer does not receive the package, so you can prove that the order has been sent through the proof of deposit. It is therefore particularly important, especially if you are selling expensive items.

Today many offers propose monitoring. Warning Depending on the country, monitoring is sometimes assured to the French border. Remember to inquire.

For offers of La Poste, if the offer of sending you selected does not include monitoring - this is the case for the small international package of La Poste which we talked about above - you can add a sticker Export Monitoring. With this sticker, monitoring is performed to distribution to twenty destinations (including the United States, Canada, Great Britain) and to the French border in the world. 5 stickers notebooks allow a small economy compared to the unit price.   Read more and see the countries on the website of La Poste.

Make More Sales

Here are some ideas to sell more items and offer your customers a flawless dispatch service.

Reduced or free shipping for additional items if it does not cost you more, deliver free for the second item ordered. This will encourage your customers to buy multiple items in your store to save on the cost of delivery.

Packagings which want: It's always a pleasure to receive a packet from Etsy because most vendors treat the details into the package. A large majority in the package slip a business card and a small handwritten note. Others will add a discount code to receive free delivery or a little discount for your next order to retain their customers. Here are some ideas for packaging.

Find the right balance: If your products are relatively expensive compared to their sending costs (in the case of food for sellers US for example), consider absorbing some of your shipping costs into the price of your Article to prevent your customers the massive blow at checkout.

Prices for international shipments can sometimes exceed € 10 - why not spend, say, € 9.95 for leave under the psychological barrier of two-digit numbers. If for some of your articles, shipments prices are minimal, perhaps climb a little price for their offer free shipping (or do special operations "free shipping" from time to time). This can be a good selling point.